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Ham-Let Group and Biesse Group collaboration

Ham-Let Group & Biesse Group collaboration

August 13, 2020 


Ham-Let Group and Biesse Group are proud to announce a new Italy-Israel collaboration, which is formed to accelerate innovation across Industry 4.0 and bridge the gaps between Israeli start-ups and the European industrial companies.


This new joint venture will focus on generating new opportunities and innovative ideas developed by Israeli start-ups that will result in products, services and solutions customized optimally to the unique needs of Biesse Group.


Biesse Group, through Adler Inlight managed in Israel by Mrs. Roberta Anati, has entered into the agreement with Ham-Let Group through Let-Lab, its innovation lab, with a clear focus on discovering innovative Israeli start-ups and fostering of new ideas, methodologies and business models to target Industry 4.0 challenges. The cooperation will enable Biesse to pinpoint Israeli technologies that address Biesse Group’s specific needs, as well as help Ham-Let to cultivate innovation in production.


The newly formed Industry 4.0 project, using the Let-Lab platform, will provide start-ups with intensive business strategy support and exposure to a strong bench of experts from Biesse Group to refine the start-ups business models and accelerate product market fit for faster growth.


Mr. Roberto Selci, the CEO of Biesse Group: “The cooperation between Biesse and Ham-Let’s innovation lab reflects our commitment to boost the entrepreneurial energy of start-ups and provide scale with the enterprise opportunities”

Mr. Amir Widmann, the CEO of Ham-Let: “This collaboration will help us increase the market exposure for the start-ups and bring new solutions for material processing to increase the value for our customers”

Mr. Gianluigi Benedetti, Ambassador of Italy to the State of Israel, also commented on this event: “ By cultivating an environment, in which academic world and research centers are cooperating with other accelerators and with venture capital, Adler Inlight managed by Mrs. Roberta Anati, has created a truly avant-garde model to guide Italian and Israeli start-ups towards real access to the industrial world ".


Biesse Group is a multinational leader in wood, glass, stone, plastic and metal processing technology. It designs, manufactures and distributes machines, integrated systems and software for manufacturers of furniture, doors and windows, components for the construction, nautical and aerospace industries. It invests 4% of its annual turnover in research and development and boasts over 200 registered patents. It operates through 12 industrial plants, 39 branches, 300 among selected agents and retailers and exports 85% of its production. Biesse is considered as the most prestigious brand of Italian and international design. Founded in Pesaro in 1969 by Giancarlo Selci and today led by Roberto Selci, it has been listed on the Star segment of Borsa Italiana since June 2001. Today it has over 4160 employees in Italy, India and China, with branches and representative offices in Europe, North America, Latin America, Middle & Far East, Asia and Oceania.

Ham-Let Let-Lab is an Industry 4.0 Innovation lab, operating under the license of the Israel Innovation Authority to foster a start-up ecosystem to empower industrial innovators. It offers Israeli start-ups a rigorous 12-month program designed to fast-track their growth and launch new ventures. Start-ups could interact with domain experts, develop solutions for industries, and implement pilots at Ham-Let or in the facilities of Ham-Let’s customers and partners.


Ham-Let Group is one of the world’s leading companies in development, manufacturing, and distribution of industrial flow control systems – connectors, fittings and valves for high pressure and high temperatures transmission systems (gases and liquids). Founded in 1950, Ham-Let Group serves customers in a wide range of segments: power generation, chemical, oil & gas, petrochemical, semiconductors, high purity, and more. Ham-Let factories are equipped with the latest manufacturing and inspection technologies enabling precise solutions for industry opportunities, and encouraging innovation for the creation of new, advanced components and systems.

Ham-let has a strong global presence with 14 branches, 5 manufacturing sites and a worldwide distribution network.


Adler Inlight Technology Observatory is the innovation services company with a mission to empower Industries with Innovation, focusing on product transformation, creating new model. Bringing innovations as advanced materials, software's, machinery, solution from different sectors to create added value to existent product or create new ones with a very strong technological convergence culture.

Adler Inlight is the result of the partnership between Adler Group, leader in the automotive and acoustic components industry with a turnover of 1.5 Billion euros and Inlight, specialized as a multi-sector and International Technological Observatory, integration of talents and innovations, and M & A.


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