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HAM-LET New Products


О компании:

Ведущий производитель клапанов и фитингов для трубопроводных систем, КИПиА и высокочистых производств. Мы используем свой опыт и мастерство для создания широкого ассортимента высококачественной продукции по международным стандартам.


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• Valved and non-valved stems available.
• Working pressure rating: up to 3,000psig (206bar).
• Interchangeable and intermixable with major manufacturers’ Instrumentation Quick Connectors.
• Fluorocarbon FKM O-Rings as standard, other O-rings are available per request.
• Smooth and safe connection between the QC-LOK® Connector valves is reached by a simple pushing operation due to a smart heavy duty locking mechanism.
• The QC-LOK® Instrumentation Quick Connectors validation tests are based on ANSI/B93.51M – 1980.



The HAM-LET QC-LOK® Instrumentation Quick Connectors are designed for service in a large variety of applications, with MAWP up to 3,000psig (206 bar).


Single and Double End Shutoff Stems

Single-end shutoff (SESO) - Stems have no valve and remain open when uncoupled. Double-end shutoff (DESO) - Stems have valve and shut off when uncoupled.




Every Quick connector is cleaned in accordance with Standard Cleaning and Packaging (procedure 8184). Oxygen Clean & Lubricant Free Cleaning and packaging, in accordance with Special Cleaning and Packaging (procedure 8185), is available as an option.



The Quick Connectors designs have been tested for Proof and Burst. Every Quick Connector is factory tested for proper assembly by leakage detection at 1000 psig (68 bar) or its maximum working pressure if less than 1000 psig (68 bar). The maximum allowable leakage is 0.1 std cc/min.


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