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Ham-Let Group launches the Let-Lab Industry 4.0 Lab



On November 22nd the Ham-Let Group Let-Lab Industry 4.0 Lab hosted a launch event at Ham-Let Group Headquarters.  



Start-Ups from various fields pitched their ideas on how to improve production using IIoT. Some of the ideas included predictive maintenance and artificial intelligence.


Let-Lab is an Industry 4.0 Innovation lab, operating under the license of Israel Innovation Authority.


Startups will be given the unique opportunity to interact with the domain experts, develop solutions for industries, and implement their pilots at Ham-Let’s, or in the facilities of Ham-Let’s customers and partners.


We at Ham-Let Group are excited to see what new developments are created in the Let-Lab


For more information about Let-Lab, click here.




Серия пневматических приводов

Инженеры, проектировщики и производители, работающие в области разработки трубопроводов и клапанов, должны быть знакомы с аспектами и процессами использования определенного изделия.
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Загрузка COT (сертификатов испытаний изделий Ham-Let). Эта служба доступна только для зарегистрированных пользователей.
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